Rubiinus Fitness and Spa situated on MG Road, Mumbai is the perfect place for fitness and has numerous facilities such as Gym, Yoga, Zumba, Spinning and Jacuzzi.


Wanna shed those extra pounds? Or build muscle? Or get your body super-toned? Rubiinus Fitness provides you with countless options for all your fitness needs.


We have a range of innovative and unique machines that have been scientifically proven to offer significantly better results over traditional equipment and make training easier.


Crossfit us the newest and fastest growing program in sport performance training. Our Crossfit curriculum focuses on functional fitness that incorporates everyday movements with different load capacities and time requirements.


Unleash your moves with Rubiinus’s Zumba team. Lose yourself into the music and get in shape now. All you need is a beat!


Yoga is a way of life, they say.


Capoeira provides physical fitness for children, ages 4 and up. It is intended to be a no- to low-contact martial art that helps children with gross motor planning and gross motor skills.